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PleXus Communications is a privately held corporation dedicated to the advancement of continuing medical education. Based in Sea Girt, NJ, PleXus Communications is led by an experienced and skilled management team with deep backgrounds in the oncology community.

Our primary focus is in oncology/hematology. Through our relationships with oncology/hematology departments within hospitals, we have secured a unique enterprise that ensures that our educational activities are directly related to the scope of practice of the learners. As a result of our growing network of hospitals and our very targeted approach to placement of all our educational activities, we are able to reach a higher percentage of the oncology/hematology community. Our targeted approach is rewarded with an unprecedented high participation rate of oncology/hematology healthcare providers.

PleXus has been a premier source of continuing medical education for hematology/oncology professionals through various mediums (ie symposia, live hospital based activities, manuscripts, online activities, etc.) since 2007.

About Plexus Communications

What's in a name?  Well consider for a moment the origin of Plexus and you begin to appreciate the substance of who we are: 

plex·us [plek-suh s] noun, plural -us·es, -us.
  1. network in body: a network of nerves, blood vessels or other vessels in the body
  2. any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts or interwoven structure: the plexus of medical education.

At Plexus, we understand how to bring people together and appreciate the strength that a network can provide in accomplishing goals.  In today's environment, successful medical communications requires more critical thinking in order to reach the right healthcare professional with the right message.  Our expertise is in identifying and evaluating needs of differing entities (hospitals, associations, medical societies and commercial supporters) and bridging gaps by building collaborative networks.  We then manage communication by applying proven adult learning models to translate evidence-based medicine into clinical practice.


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