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PleXus is dedicated to developing activities specifically for allied healthcare professionals that make up the oncology/hematology care team. Our focus is on helping medical oncologists in a community setting to advance in their understanding of the latest treatment options to help them improve patient outcomes.

PleXus partners with hem/onc departments within hospitals to assist in scheduling accredited oncology/hematology educational activities delivered via department rounds, tumor boards, journal clubs, yearly plenary sessions, and regional meetings hosted by partnering hospitals. This established partner network is designed to help institutions update their oncology/hematology staff so that they can make informed treatment decisions for their patients. All programs are conducted in collaboration with participating hospitals, with recruitment and setup initiated by each of the hospitals. We work directly with hematology/oncology departments to ensure activities are being directed to the appropriate audience.

Importantly, we'll guarantee that all meetings are in compliance with the regulatory guidelines, including measuring educational outcomes of the activities through pre-activity and post-activity evaluations.

Contact Us:
PleXus Communications
2150 Highway 35 Suite 250
Sea Girt, NJ 08750
Phone: (866) 607.4333

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