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Community Oncology Forum

Community Oncology Forums, est. in 2007, is a distinguished partner network of over 300 hematology/oncology departments nationwide. Each year, these forums successfully deliver targeted placement of live expert-led education in a hem/onc setting (no general medicine rounds) and have been proven to effectively increase knowledge, competency and effect real change in performance by empowering hem/onc clinicians to engage with their peers to help make optimal treatment decisions.

Plexus Communications has cultivated the Community Oncology Forums network of hematology/oncology departments since 2007. This network was created based on the premise that scheduling oncology programs in a general grand grounds setting is NOT an acceptable practice.

Scheduling hematology/oncology educational topics in a general medicine grand rounds setting to providers of varying specialties is wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient. A more effective, efficient and impactful implementation plan provides targeted, interactive, real-life case-based education to an engaged group of hem/onc clinicians treating cancer patients. This platform consists of partnerships with 300+ hem/onc departments located in community hospitals, regional cancer centers, medical centers, and academic medical centers. This unprecedented access to over 4,000 hematology/oncology healthcare providers ensures that the right audience will participate in Community Oncology Forums educational programs. Since our programs are conducted during already scheduled department meetings, the audience is generated by each individual hematology/oncology department via internal postings. This model affords the most educationally effective delivery of medical education to hematology/oncology healthcare providers.

As a result of our established, continuously growing network of hospitals and out very targeted approach to placement of all our educational activities, we are able to reach a higher percentage of the hematology/oncology community. Our targeted approach is rewarded with an unprecedented high participation rate of hematology/oncology healthcare providers, practice improvements and subsequent patient impact.

Veterans Health Administration Clinical Oncology Forums

VHA Oncology Clinical Forums represent a valuable platform in the development of CME resources for oncology healthcare providers practicing within the VHA.

PleXus Communications is a partner with the Association of Veterans Affairs Hematology/Oncology (AVAHO) to deliver live, hospital-based hematology/oncology continuing education. This partnership ensures that all meetings implemented will ONLY be conducted in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and U.S. Military Hospital System (MHS) medical centers. The only participants in these meetings are medical oncologists and ancillary supportive clinicians that are responsible for patients in these settings.

PleXus Communications' partnership with AVAHO provides unparalleled access to the federal healthcare system, which represents the largest integrated healthcare delivery system in the US, with over 300 Medical Centers treating in excess of 20 million covered beneficiaries.

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